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Innovative Solutions for Communities,

Business, and the Earth


Phoenix Carbon offers a leading edge technology for rapidly creating energy, fuels, and commercial-grade chemicals from carbon-based solids. Called the thermal conversion of organic material or “TCOM”, it expands fuel, energy, crop production, and lifestyle choices and creates the potential for significant economic, social, and environmental benefits from one of society’s most critical needs: The effective and sustainable management of wastes generated by virtually every human activity - by the mere act of living on this earth.  

Incorporated in 2010 by inventor Michael J. Lurvey, Phoenix Carbon continues nearly a decade of commercial presence in Hawaii. The company, its operating plant, and core personnel are headquartered in Hawaii, with affiliated organizations located in Asia and the Western Hemisphere.

Phoenix Carbon’s overarching purpose is to disseminate its systems to help businesses, agencies, and individuals convert existing costs into operational savings and revenue, and to facilitate improved public health, robust natural life support systems, and economic sustainability at local levels.